The Ultimate Guide to Securing
Your Shed and Stopping Break Ins

SHED SECURITY MATTERS! Garden sheds are a common target for both petty and experienced thieves. Our sheds are usually a lot less secure than out homes due to the way they are designed and built, leaving them prone to these thieves. Even though they are a lot less secure than our homes, they are filled with expensive pieces of equipment such as chansaws, lawn mowers, motorbokes, and tools just to name a few. Due to sheds being the preferred storage place for these goods it’s vital to employ good shed security techniques.

We consulted with some of the UK’s best security firms to come up with this definitive list of things you can do to keep the thieves at bay and away from your valuables.

shed security tips

Top Garden Shed Security Tips

1 - Fit a Shed Alarm System

Below we list a lot of theft prevention measures but some thieves are very savvy! This is why the first thing we advise you to do is fit a shed security alarm system. 

A good quality shed alarm system will have 3 components –

1 – Door sensor – The door sensor senses when the door is opened and sounds the alarm.

2 – Room Sensor – The room sensor is great as it sounds the alarm if the thief has managed to get in to your shed without opening the door.

3 – Loud Siren – The siren is activated when the door or room sensor is triggered.

Shed alarm systems can be purchased online for a very fair price. Our pick of the bunch is this offering from KERUI. Coming in at just £29.99 with free delivery it offers everything you could want or need from a quality shed alarm system at a very affordable price.

2 - Fit a Solar LED Motion Sensor Light

Fit a bright LED motion sensing security light with the sensor pointed directly towards your shed to scare thieves as they walk towards it. We bet that 90% of thieves  will suddenly change their mind about the robbery the moment that light comes on. Human instinct kicks in and tells them to get the hell out of there!

Solar technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years making solar security lights more affordable than ever. Here is a prime example of a pair of high quality solar LED security light for sale on Amazon for just £26.99 with free UK delivery.

3 - Employ Shed Window Security Measures

If your shed has windows, they could be giving thieves a clear view directly inside allowing them to measure up the risk V’s rewards of breaking in. If they see something expensive that makes the risk worthwhile, you can bet that they are going to have a good go at getting in, causing damage as they try.  So what can you do to combat this –

1 – If the soul purpose of your shed is to store things then you don’t need those windows! Get them boarded up with a good quality plywood. If for some reason you would like to keep the windows to allow some light in to the shed when you are int here, simply use window tinting film or blinds/curtains to stop thieves from being able to see in.

2 – Use heavy gauge wire mesh as shown in the picture below to add an extra layer of prevention. The wire mesh acts as a deterrent to thieves as to remove it they will have to use something heavy to smash through it thus creating a lot of noise. 

3 – If buying a new shed from a reputable shed builder, ask them to install two small windows instead of 1 large one. Small windows are much harder to climb through as opposed to large windows.

4 - Chose Your Location Carefully

For security reasons, your shed or garden building should be positioned in a way that it can not been seen by prying eyes from the road or pathways around your house. By keeping your shed out of view you are greatly reducing the chances of somebody breaking in to it. After all, if they cant see it, they don’t know its there right ?

Be sure not to place your shed out of sight of the home though! If it does get broken in to you don’t want the thief to be able to get away with your possessions unseen. The ideal placement for a shed is out of sight of the road but in sight of the home.

5 - Anchor The Shed to the Floor

Sheds at the cheaper end of the market don’t come attached to a floor panel making them easy targets for thieves. This type of shed (especially when small) can be lifted or toppled over exposing the goods within.

If your shed is sitting on a concrete base and is not secured to a timber or plywood base panel it is vital that you use ground anchors like the ones pictured above to ensure it can not be lifted. 

Simply drill holes in the bottom of the shed frame and in corresponding places on your concrete slab then insert the ground anchor and tighten clockwise until sold. L brackets can also be used in a similar way although they are a lot weaker than ground anchors.


6 - Chain Large Items Together

Locking large items such as bikes and lawnmowers together with chains and heavy duty padlocks provides great security against thieves as it makes getting away with your goods much harder. Most thieves don’t carry large bolt croppers with them meaning they will not be able to uncouple your goods from each other and make an easy exit.