We Stock Premier Q Wood Preservative

Premier Q Wood Preservative South Wales

High Quality Wood Preservatives Manufactured in Wales!

Premier Q is a high quality solvent & oil based, pigmented wood preservative which means the active preservatives penetrate deep into the wood giving years of protection against the weather and all types of decay, while giving timber a rich long lasting colour – without hiding the grain. Premier’s wax enriched water repellent formula helps to waterproof timber structures such as sheds, summerhouses, dog kennels and hot tub shelters.

Premier Q Wood Preservative colours

Treating your shed after it has been delivered and installed

Once your superior shed has been delivered it is vital that two coats of high quality oil based wood preservative are applied as quickly as possible. A top up coat must be applied annually or when water starts to soak in to the timber again rather than beading off and running down the walls. 

We recommend Premier Q Oil Based Wood preservative with added wax protection due to its long lasting waterproofing properties. We keep many colours in stock and can bring tins with us when we deliver should you wish to purchase any.